Terms and Conditions

Please read the below Terms and Conditions carefully.

1. To qualify, all applicants are to pay a non refundable $2 entrance fee.
1.1. Citizen or permanent resident for the past 6 months of your country.
1.2. Single and has never been married
1.3. Has never given birth
1.4. holds a valid passport with more than six months’ validity or be eligible to hold one;
1.5. be a person who was born female;
1.6. Is between the age of 18 to 30,
1.7. Height 1,64 going up
1.8. Has a sympathetic face, well-proportioned neck height and scale, aesthetic and eligible posture and walking, not having any physical disorder in appearance, not having any aesthetic operation or is chubby or thick with extremely wide hips.
1.9. be a person who has good communication skills and enjoy talking to people;
1.10. be a person of good character, possess charm, poise and personality and be fit and healthy;
1.11. be a person who wants to be an International Queen.
1.12. Have a strong commitment in the pursuit of excellence;
1.13. Have a strong desire to represent your country or region and be an ambassador overseas as well as at National and International events;
1.14. Good moral character
1.15. Has not engaged in obscene photo-shoots, including Lingerie or nude shoots.
1.16. Has not engaged in prostitution or any form thereof
Has not participated in any obscene or X-rated exhibitions, whether print, stage, television or movies, has not worked as a Model, Hostess or any similar capacity in establishments generally reputed to be “girlie”
1.17. Has not been convicted of any crime.
1.18. Familiarity with her country’s culture concerns/problems

2.Delegate shall abide to the following rules and regulations that affect her reign and participation which shall be mandatory to Execute.
2.1. Delegate shall be introduced as the National MISS HERITAGE GLOBAL via the media platforms of the country.
2.2. Delegate is supposed to be educated about tangible and intangible Heritage especially her country’s Heritage Laws/policies and align her country’s UNESCO Department, Heritage/ Tourism department and other Heritage/Culture (Non-Governmental Organizations.
2.3. Delegate activities are supposed to be documented via photographs and videos as to use them for her road to MISS HERITAGE GLOBAL reality series documentary..
2.4. Delegate is required to do courtesy visits to her country’s Culture and Tourism departments, government or non-governmental as to introduce herself as National MISS HERITAGE GLOBAL Queen.
2.5. Delegate is required to execute a National Heritage Project in collaboration with Her Government, non-governmental organization and corporate sponsors. This project should be about a cause which
can be linked to Heritage. Thus using Heritage as a tool for sustainable development. The project is supposed to be documented via images and also an Official Video shoot which shall be 5 minutes Maximum in length where she introduces herself, showing and explaining about her project, her country’s intangible and tangible heritage. Destination marketing
2.6. Photo and Video Shoot and TV Reality Series: Delegate is required to do an Official Cultural/Heritage Photo Shoot in terms of theme /set, could be at a Heritage site. The attires are supposed to show Queen’s Body structure also. The official shoot shall be sent to MISS HERITAGE GLOBAL Pageant and shall be used for publicity purposes.

2.6.1. Beauty Shots different angles and poses (10)
2.6.2. Full Body different angles and poses (10)
2.6.3. Close up Head shots (5)
2.6.4. Video Shoot: A 3 minute – 5-minute clip whereby delegate introduces herself and her country’s Heritage must be shot, the quality must be in High definition(Minimum 1080 x 750 P) and also quality that can be played by Television stations. Guidelines as to what it must reflect, shall be on YouTube, MISS HERITAGE GLOBAL Official Channel. This video shall be used for promotional purposes and added to the MISS HERITAGE GLOBAL Official TV Reality Series.

2.7. National Reality Series Episode: Franchise National Director must ensure that should produce a reality Series episode, which shall portray the National Pageant, contestants, winner, and her duties. This shall be added to the official Miss Heritage distributed by MISS HERITAGE GLOB Alto other international TV Channels.
2.8. Public Appearances: Delegate is supposed to make public appearances in her MISS HERITAGE GLOBAL sash with official MISS HERITAGE GLOBAL logo and crown at important National events and other events so that she familiarises with people.
2.9. Delegate must ensure that must participate at and attend all Heritage and Tourism initiatives which are executed by her Government by giving speeches and offering assistance.

3. World Finals Trip to Host Country and What to Bring
3.1. Flights: Franchisee shall provide its official delegate Queen a roundtrip ticket to host country that can be rebooked or refunded in case there is a change of pageant date schedule and venue. Franchisee should also take care of the Delegate’s excess luggage if any to and from the host country.
3.2. Indigenous Heritage themed gift item of National Value and importance. Pocket money of at least US$ 200 to cover Delegate’s incidental expenses
3.3. Franchisee National Director is to ensure that delegate brings the following to the beauty Pageant. MISS HERITAGE GLOBAL2020 Official Clothing the Heritage Coronation Event shall be as follows in the following format. Delegates/ Contestants shall be required to have the following for the Grand Finale which we advised are to be tailor made and reflect the heritage of your country:

i. National Heritage Dress with Stage Effect. (National Dress)
ii. Host Country National Dress (Shall be Supplied by Host Country)
iii. Heritage Act costume and props.

Heritage Themed Evening Gown (Elegant and Regal): For Coronation, and this has to reflect the countries’ heritage and culture. It must be something that people can recognize your country’s heritage but must be elegant and royal.

3.4. Heritage Championship Games

3.4.1. Heritage Night of the Gifted.
This competition is a Gift performance show, i.e. Talent in layman’s terms. It is based on gifts/talents that are Traditional, Heritage themed depending per country. So each contestant shows off her country’s culture through the heritage performance.
3.4.2. Heritage Cuisine Queen
This shall be a culinary contest whereby each contestant shall be required to make a dish from her country. Not necessarily a full course meal. Each contestant is required to carry some of her ingredients since some will not be found in the Host country.
3.4.3. Luda-Diversity Queen
The contestants shall play traditional and ancient host country and other international games. Luda Diversity refers to the wide diversity in games, sports, physical exercises, dances and acrobatics. Contestants shall engage into traditional games, from different continents where they shall play them as individuals and in teams. Traditional sports and games are part of intangible heritage and a symbol of the cultural diversity of our societies. They are also an efficient means to convey values of solidarity, diversity, inclusiveness and cultural awareness.
3.4.4. Heritage Queen of Debate
Contestants shall engage in a Heritage Themed Debate, discussion and Public Speaking session, A Group of contestants will partner with a group of high school students in order to form a team of debaters.
3.4.5. Queen of Heritage Crafts
Each contestant shall bring traditional /cultural materials form her country, which she shall use to hand make a cultural item from her country in front of invigilators (observers). The cultural Craft must represent contestant’s cultural heritage. The craft item should also show the contestant’s creativity and sense of artistic direction. Duration of making shall be one Hour. Crafts are artisanal products are those produced by artisans, either completed by hand, or with the help of hand tools or even mechanical means, as long as the direct manual contribution of the artisan remains the most substantial component of the finished product.
3.4.6. Heritage National Flag presentation
Each delegate is required to present their national flag, national anthem and heritage, and also learn about another delegate’s national flag, national flag and heritage, as to make a presentation of the other. Points shall be gained from both presentations.
3.4.7. Heritage Continental Night
Delegates shall be put into continental groups and shall be asked to compete against each other for the continental titles. Marks shall be taken from overall performance and performance during the continental night competition.
3.4.8. As for the Heritage Championship Events Franchisee must ensure that delegate brings:
a. Sports shoes,
b. White shorts or gym skirt and white top
c. Heritage Night of the Gifted: Outfit and other instruments
d. Craft making materials.
e. Some ingredients for the Heritage Cuisine Chef
f. Media release copies and links
g. Cd with National Anthem.
h. Country Flags, one huge and one small one.

4. Policy and Regulations for Crowned Winners
Terms and Conditions if your Delegate is selected as the MISS HERITAGE GLOBAL Pageant Winner.

4.1. Delegate shall sign a MISS HERITAGE GLOBAL official contract a day after coronation.
4.2. You/Your Delegate acknowledge and agree that: all copyright in all recording media used during the year of office in respect of your Delegates Post-Contest duties in which she may appear, including without limitation photographs and other recordings of her likeness, name and voice, belongs to the MISS HERITAGE GLOBAL absolutely and the contestant assign any copyright you may have to the MISS HERITAGE GLOBAL to give effect to this ownership.
4.3. MISS HERITAGE GLOBAL may use your Delegates likeness, name and voice to promote the contest and the MISS HERITAGE GLOBAL title. At any time in any media, in advertisements and publicity and for any other purpose except for any purpose, which is inconsistent with the image of the contest or MISS HERITAGE GLOBAL Pageant title.
4.4. The Delegate must conduct herself with decorum during the year of office and the option year and must not commit any act of an immoral illegal or other similar nature. Which in our opinion would or would tend to bring the Contestant and/or the Contest, the MISS HERITAGE GLOBAL and / or title into disrepute, or content or which would be harmful to the image of the contest
4.5. If your Delegate is selected as MISS HERITAGE GLOBAL winner she will be required to carry out engagements, heritage sustainable projects personal appearances, advertising, sponsorship endorsements world wide upon such occasions during the year of office and the option year.
4.6. Shall be requested by Miss Heritage Global, attend the MISS HERITAGE GLOBAL Contest for the year following the contest year (including rehearsals and ceremonies if so requested) and will crown the MISS HERITAGE GLOBAL Pageant for that year;
4.7. The delegate (MISS HERITAGE GLOBAL Winner) shall not be allowed participate in any pageant until her reign expires.
4.8. She shall not make any public appearances except as MISS HERITAGE GLOBAL nor endorse any product or allow her name, likeness, voice to be used in connection with the advertising or sale of any product or service without our prior written permission during the year of office and the option year.