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Giving back is something that we as a company value, and we are honoured to have received overwhelming support thus far from the South African corporate giants who understand our vision and share our passion to be the change we want to see in the world.

i. Our sponsors reap favourable publicity (leading to 
increased product visibility and market share) 
generated from their association with the pageant.
ii. State titleholders and the contestants serve as 
advertising ambassadors for the brand.
iii. Target audience- pageant contestants are the
consumers that utilize your brands goods and
services. Improve and drive brand awareness and 
generate leads.

Increase social media followers
Entertain prospects and clients
Interact/engage with customers
Give an influx of enquiries and new clients for your hotels
Give growth of client database for email and direct marketing
Give a better understanding of the brand’s service offerings for the African market
Strengthened stakeholder relationships nsuring longevity and growth for the sponsor (s)
Increased brand relevance in the African communities
Increased visibility in mainstream media
Increased PR goodwill

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