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Prior to the contestants arrival and camp week, we will be executing a couple of events for which we would appreciate if you come onboard as a sponsor for some if not all of the below


Miss Heritage Global will be hosting a conference to discuss the opportunities that preserving culture and heritage offer to current generations. In our on-going endeavour to preserve and promote tangible and intangible heritage globally.

The colloquium will have 5 speakers who will speak on the topic at hand.

The event will have only invited guests from the diplomatic community, DIRCO, arts and culture, tourism and the press. Speakers will give a talk on the topic for 10 minutes each. After which the discussion will be opened up for the floor.

15 September 2023


This is a formal dinner event where the contestants will be receiving their country sashes from the MEC of Limpopo Tourism as well as other prominent delegates of the Limpopo government and the current reigning queen.

This will also serve as a welcome to Limpopo ceremony for the ladies.

15 September 2023


This will be a culinary contest whereby each contestant shall be required to make a dish from her country. Not necessarily a full course meal. Each contestant is required to carry some of her ingredients since some will not be found in the Host country

17 September 2023


This competition is a Gift performance show. Each contestant shall bring traditional /cultural materials form her country, which she shall use to hand make a cultural item from her country in front of invigilators (observers). The cultural Craft must represent contestant’s cultural heritage. The craft item should also show the contestant’s creativity and sense of artistic direction.

Duration of making shall be one Hour. Crafts are artisanal products are those produced by artisans, either completed by hand, or with the help of hand tools or even mechanical means, as long as the direct manual contribution of the artisan remains the most substantial component of the finished product.

19 September 2023

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