More than just a beauty pagaent

Miss Heritage Global was founded on the basis of celebrating all cultures of the world and showcasing the beauty in human diversity.


By tapping into the power and ability of women to bring people together, we are combining pageantry, heritage education content and cultural travel experiences to create a platform that seeks to build bridges between the peoples of the world through culture sharing.

MHG creates culture ambassadors out of beauty queens from the ages of 18 to 28 from different cultures and backgrounds, bringing them together to learn about the culture of the host country, share their own cultures with each other and the people of the host country; ultimately demonstrating that we can be get along and work together despite our differences.

Miss Heritage Global is the first international beauty pageant that focuses on the promotion of heritage and is the only internationally recognized international pageant that is created and is based in Africa.

The Miss heritage concept compliments the vision, mission and objectives of the United Nations Educational, Scientic and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) whose mission includes promoting cultural heritage and the equal dignity of all cultures, in this regard, Miss Heritage Global’s mission just like UNESCO is to strengthens bonds among nations with the contestants taking on the role of ambassadors representing their individual countries.

Our Vision.

To create a platform where the world can meet, share and celebrate world heritage and culture, fostering unity in diversity.

Our Mission.

To fuse pageantry, heritage, tourism, dialogue, and culture, through an entertaining, educational, cultural experience as a tool to unite the peoples of the world and enhance global heritage preservation and promotion as a key component of sustainable human development.