Miss Heritage Pageant was founded in Zimbabwe in 2012 during a visit to one o the greatest Heritage sites in the world bordering Zambia and Zimbabwe, the Victoria Falls. The pageant was founded on the basis to incorporate all nations, all religions and all people from different backgrounds to be involved in the process of initiating positive change in the world through the sharing of our world heritage. The pageant is run by the Miss Heritage Foundation which is an organization that holds the exclusive rights to host the pageant, which is the main stage that promotes world heritage through the exploration of participant countries heritage, with participants serving as ambassadors for their heritage. The concept for Miss Heritage Pageant compliments the vision, mission and objectives of (UNESCO) United Nations, Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization Convention of 1972 and the 2003 Convention on safeguarding cultural heritage. The main objective is to use heritage as a tool for an integrated sustainable development plan throughout the world, a plan that is inclusive, promotes tolerance of others and their culture thereby changing lives. Having a National Queen in a country and an International Queen encourages the promotion of culture and heritage which leads to the revival of traditions and the possible restoration of sites and monuments. Heritage Tourism has positive impact on communities which can be grouped into economic, environmental, social, and cultural categories; these include:

  • building community pride;
  • enhancing the sense of identity of a community or region;
  • promoting intercultural/international understanding;
  • encouraging revival or maintenance of traditional crafts;
  • heritage events,
  • enhancing external support for minority groups and preservation of their culture,
  • broadening community horizons; and enhancing local and external appreciation and support for cultural heritage.


Heritage is rooted in our cultural identities and provides a foundation of wisdom and knowledge upon which to build sustainable development for all. Miss Heritage is not a replica of any other pageant; it has its own way of doing things and offers invaluable insight into the great diversity of humanity. It is never enough to just have countries gathering at a pageant without a profound focus on change, strengthening common resolve and taking action to Safe Guard our Heritage for the benefit of future generations.

Celebrating Diverse Beautiful Cultures.

Mission Statement:
To fuse beauty pageantry and Heritage into a quality entertaining, educative, life transforming and multi-national integration platform that enhances development for universal heritage promotion, preservation and protection, by the use of national heritage beauty queens as ambassadors for the greater purpose of unity through diversity.


  • To crown an objective and progressive the beauty Queens as International Heritage Queens that represent world Heritage.
  • To promote World Heritage, Tangible and Intangible
  • To empower women globally.
  • To educate the world about the different diverse cultures of the world.
  • To market and re-brand nations.
  • To promote the heritage tourism of the host country
  • To use Heritage as a tool for sustainable development


Miss Heritage Pageant concept is unique to other pageant concepts not just by name, mission, vision and objectives but also its programs and production which is purely Heritage. The fusion of heritage and beauty pageantry is very much an astute noble idea because it creates the idea of modelling for a purpose that is greater and deeper, making pageantry a tool for sustainable development. To represent a nation’s heritage is an important aspect because heritage is everything that a nation is made up, from the physical and personality characteristics of the people, the values, the climate, the religion, literature, the laws, the man made and none man made features, the history and the current affairs and the ideas and philosophy of that country. All those things make up a country and they are the National Pride and National Treasure of each country, so by having women from different countries represent all that in Miss Heritage Pageant it creates many positive end results. Having Nations gathering to exhibit, and celebrate their national heritage on an international platform in competitiveness addresses the issues of global unity capacity building, heritage exchange, women empowerment and youth integration. The pageant’s aim and vision is to take the National Queens and international winners lives deeper than what a title, tiara and sash usually offers.

One should be able to re-brand their way of thinking and living via the platform created by just being a National Heritage Queen and an World Heritage Queen for the greater glory for developing themselves and the lives of others thus life changing not just being economical but to lead an exemplary lifestyle. The idea of creating role models in the beauty pageantry industry that are not tagged as role models based on winning the title and the looks is very crucial because the world needs more than just the look and the fame, but through deeds it creates robust role models for young girls. A beautiful face and well-structured body structure may be fascinating in the look but without a well composed character, there is nothing admirable about that, so Miss Heritage Pageant is that platform to create constructive progressive role models. Miss Heritage Pageant aims to be a family friendly program that parents encourage their daughters to take part in, a nation heritage advancing tool that governments and corporate world supports, a life changing tool that models from all around the world look forward to and an entertainment program that fans look forward to view. There is no greater success and joy than celebrating and promoting humanity and its entire Heritage. However, Miss Heritage World concept encourages and creates business opportunities for Heritage Tourism and global partnerships for amongst countries. Having a National Queen in a country that encourages Heritage promotion it then leads to the revival of traditions and possible the restoration of sites and monuments.

THE TEAM Board of Directors

  • President - Nhlanhla Shabangu
  • Co-Founder and Vice President- Ronald Tisauke
  • CEO - Mandla Mkhize


  • Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture Ghana

For strategic partnerships and special requests, please contact the Project Manager: Leruo Africa Dechaba on 0822557301 email leruoafrika@gmail.com